Science Lab

Science is a practical subject, teaching of which cannot be done properly only in theory form. For proper education of science, it is necessary to conduct various kinds of experimental works, which are practical in nature. These practical functions cannot be carry out in absence of scientific apparatus and equipments. The place where various kinds of scientific apparatus and equipments are arranged in systematic manner is called science laboratory. Science laboratory is central to scientific instructions and it forms essential component of science education.

It is in this place that various kinds of practical works are carry out by the students. Without proper and well- equipped science laboratory, it is not possible to carry out the science teaching process effectively in any school or educational institution. Students learn to handle various apparatus and to think independently in the laboratory, because of which it is considered to be one of an important place. When students carry out various kinds of experiments, then they draw conclusions from their studies, which raise their level of self confidence and develop scientific attitude among them.