Admission and Withdrawal

Admission Information

  • The school Prospectus and admission form are available from the school office in the month of March, April and June for the ensuing year.
  •     * No System of registration a year or more in advance is in existence in the school.
        * Admission tests are normally held in the month of March & June.
  • A Registration Fee is payable with the submission of the registration form for admission per student. This fee is non refundable and non- adjustable. The payment of the fee does not guarantee admission into the school. The admission can be sought after qualifying the admission test.
  • Admission will be considered on production of following documents:-
  • A student name and date of birth, as recorded in the transfer certificate are official and legal and may not be changed subsequently by the school authority.
  •     * Proof of Date of Birth
        * Latest Progress report card of the student.
        * Transfer Certificate.
  • If any of student, fails to return to school after any vacation with in three days of the official date of opening without certified intimation to and written permission of the principal, his/her name will be stuck off from the school rolls.
  • The school reserves the rights of change in the fees any time in the academic year.
  • Withdrawal

  • If A Parents Of His Or Her own decides not to send his/her child to the school after he/she has deposited the admission fee and registration fee with the school ,he/she will not be entitled to a refund of either the admission fee for the registration fee deposited and would be liable to pay three month' tuition fees in lieu of notice.
  • The registration fee and the admission fee is non refundable and non adjustable under any circumstances.
  • If A parents wishes to withdraw his/her child at any time he/she must inform the principle in writing giving clear three month's notice of his/her intention to do so .If the specified notice is not given , the parents is bound by the rules of school to pay full tuition fees for the on going session. Fees once paid not refunded in any case.
  • Cases pertaining to refund of fees will not be subject to litigation.
  • Disciplinary action will be taken against any student who is found to use unfair means in the tests/examination and if the student concerned continues to repeat the offence, he/she will be required to be withdrawn.
  • The Transfer certificate will be issued to a student only after the parents have paid all sums due to the school.