Personality Development

Wherever you go, it is your personality that describes not the words you speak. Suppose you go to a party wearing a very good suit and you just look awesome in it. You are being admired for your looks, for your achievements and everybody is praising you. Suddenly a waiter comes and by mistake drops some drink on your suit and says sorry. Instead of forgiving him for his mistake you slap him in front of everyone and yell at him very badly. This scene will make a fuss of your whole personality. You will no more be praised, but everyone will speak against you behind your back. This may be a great stop in your career and achievements also. This may bring you down from topmost priority to the last priority. But if you had forgiven the waiter, you would have increased your number of admirers. Personality plays a very important role in success. Your personality can make you more preferred over others. Your personality may provide with more opportunities. A good personality can bring in many surprises in your life. Personality development is often conjugated with a good education. Education plays a very important role in developing a good personality.